Unveiling Restaurant Tipping in Rome - 💰 Rome's Tipping Etiquette

Tipping in Italy isn't as customary as in other countries. At restaurants in Rome, tipping is not mandatory, however, it is appreciated. If service was exceptional, you might leave a tip of around 10%. [source]

In many Roman restaurants, you'll find a 'coperto' charge on your bill, which is a cover charge for services like bread and table setting. [source] This isn't a tip for your server, but instead a fee that the restaurant levies. [source]

If you decide to tip, you can either leave the cash on the table or tell the waiter the total amount you wish to pay, including the tip, when you pay your bill. [source]

While tipping at restaurants is optional, there are other places in Italy where tipping is more common, such as at hotels or for tour guides. [source] A small tip can be a nice gesture to show your appreciation for good service. [source]

Remember, tipping in Rome is more about showing your appreciation for good service than a mandatory custom. It's always up to you whether to tip or not. [source]

Final Thoughts: Embracing Rome's Unique Tipping Culture

Elena De Luca
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