Italian Tipping Etiquette Unveiled - Master the 🇮🇹 tipping customs

In Italy, tipping is not obligatory but is appreciated for exceptional service. Unlike many countries, Italians have their own unique tipping customs.

In Italian restaurants, the service charge is often included in the bill. If it's not, a tip of about 10% is considered generous. However, leaving the change is also a common practice.

For hotel staff like bellmen or housekeepers, a small tip of 1-2 Euros is appreciated. When it comes to taxis, it's common to round up to the nearest Euro or leave some small change.

In cafes and bars, Italians usually leave small change as a tip. If you're sitting at a table, a tip of around 1 Euro is acceptable.

🍝 Navigating the Italian Restaurant Tipping Culture: A Handy Guide

In Italy, tipping isn't required but is a kind gesture for excellent service. There are some general etiquette rules to keep in mind.

Remember, tipping is not mandatory in Italy, but it's a nice way to show appreciation for exceptional service. Enjoy your time in Italy and savor the delicious cuisine!

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Suggested Tip Amounts for Various Services in Italy

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